"A good UI tells you what you need to know, and then gets out of the way."
Desi Quintans 2013
Video games are culture! Hardly any entertainment medium of our media culture has the reach and the influence that computer games have. And hardly a medium is more immersive, exciting, and versatile than video games. But just as you look at the evolution of a game, it becomes obvious how important it is, for all parts of a game to work together to make a perfect gaming experience possible. We as game developers, and of course ourselves players, know that above all, immersion is crucial for the gaming experience. Or is not it the nicest thing to play a game while you lose your sense of time and you can fully immerse yourself in the content of the game without having to think about the efforts of your own life? And it's the UX/UI Designer's job to guarantee exactly that.
Frostfang is a semester project of the University of Augsburg, which deals with integrative game design. We've made it our mission to make the game equally accessible to both blind and sighted players alike, without losing the essential mainstream gaming character. I was responsible for the design of the graphical user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX).
(Characters and Environment were created by project partners.)
Icons that I made for Frostfang
Inventory screen
Make your own skill screen
Final HUD Element for Xbox controls
Service design thinking process for visual style
Very early stages of development
Planning the HUD
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