Hi, my name is Dennis Christopher Ego. I'm an illustrator, design strategist and interaction and concept designer.
I've been creating fantastic, applied and abstract illustrations since 2012. Both for comics, covers, magazine-illustrations, but especially for digital applications. I'm interested in Illustration as a final product, and also as a powerful tool for conception.
I have already worked with and for some well-known companies and also cities (e.g. City of Frankfurt). I was born in the picturesque Füssen in the heart of Europe, and Illustration has always been part of my life. I attended the art branch of the Realschule Buchloe, went through an apprenticeship as a media designer and finally studied at the University of Augsburg, graduating as a communication designer in my bachelor's degree with a focus on illustration and in my master's degree in design and communication strategies with a focus on games and digital illustration.
At the moment I live, learn and work in Augsburg, Germany, together with my amazing girlfriend and two funny dogs.
Consider to hire me?
-I'm a Design Professional, and I have a M.A. to proof it. Along with it I have over seven years of experience with design and illustration. During that time I worked for some well known companies and cities.
-I'm not only a concept creator, I shape your project all the way from the first sketch to postproduction, long after the product was shipped.
-Additionally I'm an entrepreneur myself, so I know how tricky the market can be and how important your project is for you. I will assist you to set realistic goals and to pursue them pertinaciously.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
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