Wildfuchs Interactive is a game and media company ot which I'm a cofounder. It's vision is  to tear down the borders between mainstream and accessible gaming. Wildfuchs believes everybody has the right, and should have the means to play whatever game one has most fun and do so with whomever they want. Its a fresh, young start up in the heart of Augsburg and it offers innovative, creative products, that distinguish themselves by their high quality, accessibility and excellent storytelling. But in it's very core, Wildfuchs is an aspiring gaming studio.

Within the team I'm Art Director, UX/UI Designer and Illustrator. I assure the quality on the visual level, create contend and design user experiences that creates a powerful and cohesive customer journey through the respective product. For the website I developed the corporate identity, the design, the background images and the integrative web design strategy.
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